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Make sure you have metamask set on Ethereum chain.

Title Shape 31 December 2023 Title Shape

challenge your favourite coins

Sell your podium back to us for up to 1000x the mint price, total of buyback offers up to 1200 ETH

The crypto podiums game

Crypto Podiums is an NFT game where 100 crypto currencies challenge each other to market cap, circulating supply and price competitions. Each NFT represents a podium with 3 crypto currencies, these are the unique contenders for each competition.
Mint your lucky podium and wait for the challenge day, or buy your favorite podium in the open market. The 100 crypto currencies were randomly selected within the tops by market cap and holders.


  1. All challenges will take place on 31/12/2023 at 12:00 EST. We will take a snapshot of all coins metrics and announce the rankings through our social channels within 2 weeks from the competition day.
  2. Each NFT will collect points based on the final rankings. You only need to look at the rankings of the cryptos in your NFT. If, for a particular challenge, your "1st place crypto" has a higher rank than the "2nd place crypto", and the "2nd place crypto" has an higher rank then the "3rd place crypto", you have won that challenge.
  3. The max amount of points a single NFT can have is 6 if it has a special background, a trophy and wins all 3 challenges. More info on how to collect points below.
  4. Points are not cumulative per wallet. If you hold 2 podiums with respectively 1 and 2 points, you do not have a total of 3 points. you have instead a podium with 1 point and one with 2 points.


After the ranking announcement we will look through all the NFTs, calculate points for each of them and we will make a buy back offer for those with at least 3 points.
  • 3 points NFT buy back offer = 0.08 ETH (capped at 200 ETH)
  • 4 points NFT buy back offer = 0.8 ETH (capped at 300 ETH).
  • 5 points NFT buy back offer = 8 ETH (capped at 300 ETH).
  • 6 points NFT buy back offer = 16 ETH (capped at 400 ETH).
Buy back offers will be sent through NFT platforms such as Opensea, Blur, Looksrare and will last for a month. We will burn all the NFTs we buy back, and the remaining may be used to vote for what coins to pick for the next round or/and for a discount on the next mint. When the buy back offer is made we will announce it through our channels, be in the lookout for the offer!
More info on the buy back offer in our Terms of Use.

How to get Points

Discover the crypto podium challenges and how to get points through the example below:


Collect 1 point if you win this challenge.
Example: if at the competition day BTC market cap > 1INCH market cap > FIL maket cap, this NFT has won the market cap challenge


Collect 1 point if you win this challenge.
Example: if at the competition day BTC price > 1INCH price > FIL price, this NFT has won the price challenge


Collect 1 point if you win this challenge.
Example: if at the competition day BTC circulating supply > 1INCH circulating supply > FIL circulating supply, this NFT has won the price challenge.


Collect 1 point if your NFT has one of the 9 special backgrounds.


Collect 2 points if your NFT has a trophy in your podium.

Some Numbers

  • With a pool of 100 tokens and 3 places in the podium there are 970,200 possible combinations. Only 88,888 will make it to the collection.
  • The probability to mint a special background is 9% (1% for each background).
  • The probability to mint a trophy is 1%.
  • The sum of all buy back offers is capped at 1200 ETH * % of podiums minted.
  • 6 months from now the price, marketcap and circulating supply of a token may be very different from now. An NFT with 1 point today may get to the challenge day with 3 or 4 points.



Crypto podiums mint are opens

There is no whitelist, no limits on how many crypto podiums you can mint per wallet


Buy/Sell/Mint podiums

Mint your Crypto Podiums anytime before the challenge day. You can also exchange, sell and buy podiums on NFT marketplaces such as BLUR and Opensea. Find out what combinations are available and get your favorite coins.


Metrics snapshot

We will take a snapshot of all tokens' market cap, price and total supply as per coinmarketcap data. If there is any glitch with the data source we reserve the right to use other sources such as coingecko to have the most accurate data.


Buy back offer

Anytime between 31/12/2023 and 14/01/2024 we will make a buy back offer for those NFTs with at least 3 points.

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Frequently Asked questions

Keep it or trade it! We will think of some utility, you'll might be able to vote what currencies can participate in the second round and/or get a discount on the second round mint.

We encourage users to stay active in the NFT space, if you miss the offer you can participate on our next round by minting our next round NFTs.

Make sure to mint your NFT before the challenge day for us to analyze each NFT within the mentioned time frame and calculate points. If you mint an NFT with 3 points after the challenge day you might still be eligible for a buy back offer at our sole discretion.

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